I have been working with Spirit for over 30 years and in that time have developed abilities through the wonderful teachings of respected mediums who have inspired me with their unique styles.  I strive and am known for detail and accuracy in my mediumship: those receiving messages are empowered and left without any doubt about the continuity of life.  Having worked as a medium across Canada, the United States and parts of the UK I am passionate about my service to the bereaved.  My demonstrations confirm that loved ones who have crossed over are still very much with us in all aspects of our lives, providing reassurance and evidence of their love.


More about Me

Despite moving to Canada at a very young age, I retain the Scottish traditions of my heritage.  When not pursuing my work for Spirit I can usually be found on a cruise ship enjoying the healing nature of the ocean.  Other passions include cooking (from my days as a professional chef), fine chocolate and the occasional glass of Shiraz.  Being in connection with other like-minded people and helping them find their inner light and grow their spiritual abilities is what inspires me.  Known for an easy-going approach to life, sense of humour and social nature, I bring these qualities with me to lectures and workshops, which have been described as informative, fun, and interactive, and which leave participants with a knowledge that Spirit is always present and accessible to us all.

Being one of the founders of the Spiritualist Society of Burlington and an ordained minister with the Spiritualist Church of Canada affords me an even greater reach into the community.  Whether bringing couples together as their wedding officiant or offering words of comfort at a celebration of life service I seek to set an everyday example of kindness, caring and the power of Spirit.