Naming Services

Naming Services the Spiritualist Way

Naming Services for children and adults are special occasions and are very meaningful to the person being named, as well as their family and friends.

The Naming Service is often conducted in a church but can take place at other appropriate locations such as hospitals or at home.

Flowers of the families’ choice are used in a Spiritualist Naming Service to indicatesmall-bigstock-Close-up-shot-of-six-month-bab-103956824 the pure and natural aspects of our existence.  We recognize that which we call God created everyone and everything with love enabling us to learn and grow spiritually.

For both a child and an adult, a Naming Service is a celebration and acknowledgement of being part of the greater family of humankind, of the love engendered in the God of your understanding and in Humankind.

During the Naming Service it is customary to present a Spirit name provided by those in the Spirit world to the officiate.  This Spirit name will encourage and inspire the person whenever the need arises.  All present at the Naming Service are part of the individuals spiritual community and are asked to be Spiritual sponsors and offer their spiritual support for the person being named.