Mediumship Training

I offer several mediumship training sessions each year at the Spiritualist Society of Burlington intended to help you:

  • Expand your connection with Spirit and maintain the power of the connection

  • Deliver evidence of survival in a smooth and comprehensive way

  • Convey the emotion of the spirit communicator without getting emotional

  • Know when the communication is complete and how to wrap it up

  • Develop trust in Spirit

  • Learn the skills of a meditation circle leader

Titles of Past Training Workshops:


  • Going Direct (platform mediumship)

  • Hands on for Healing

  • Journey of Unfoldment

  • Mediumship – Meeting the Needs of Today

  • Owning the Platform (Four Part Series including: Chairing a divine service, Presentation technique, Mediumship, Personal development)

  • The Art of Giving Private Readings

If you would be interested to learn of upcoming mediumship training courses please complete and submit a contact form outlining your specific interests.

In addition I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions for developing mediums ($90 for 45-50 min. session).